The Little Daisy Bake Shop

Happy Mother's Day!

A few years ago, it so happened that our Front Manager Selena’s birthday fell on the same day as Mother’s Day. She was furious. To her it was cheating. It was having two national holidays trying to share one day. It wasn’t her day - it was every Mother’s Day.

The cake we did for her that year remains one of my all-time favorite cakes. We wrote “Happy Mother’s Day” and then took off the “s” and “day,” still leaving the mark of the lettering for a faded-out effect. Then we wrote what she was feeling.

This year we did cookies for all kinds of mothers. There’s no judgement here.

When I started The Little Daisy, my kids were ages 5 and 7. I look at the pictures now and it’s hard to believe they were that little. One of the reasons I started the bakery was to be a good role model for the kids and show them that if you are passionate about something and have a good idea that you should pursue it with everything you’ve got.

I think they see that now, but the first few years had its challenges. When opening the business my daughter Amelia took my absence from home the hardest. She was accustomed to seeing my face at school multiple times a week for the classroom, the PTA and all her activities. Then in a blink of an eye I was at the bakery 24/7. At the time I felt like I was failing at being a mother. I missed school events, swim meets and bedtimes.

As mothers, we believe we can do it all, and maybe we can, just not all at once. It’s nearly impossible to throw ourselves into our businesses, our careers or even our education and be an A+ Mom. And we also can’t be there for every twist and turn during our child’s day and be a superstar in the workplace. But the hope is that we can find a balance and reach a compromise that works for our families.

My kids now are 11 and 13. Somewhere in our journey we found a rhythm we can live by. We’ve even added our chocolate Lab Wrigley to the family. And my love for baking is starting to blossom in Amelia. She recently had a friend over to make banana bread, and while it was baking in the oven they whipped up some orange cranberry muffins! That’s my girl.

Being a Mother is never perfect, and some days are more rewarding than others. Being a Mother is hard, but nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

So today at The Little Daisy we celebrate all mothers who are doing the best they can, and Mothers who have made such a difference... my mom and grandmothers, my mother-in-law, the moms on The Little Daisy team, and all the mothers who support us day in and day out by shopping with us. I appreciate each and every one of you – and we couldn’t do it without you!